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Grease Trap Services

Professionals Servicing Grease Traps and Interceptors.
J.P.​ Grease Trap Service helps you avoid any problems and possible fines with your municipality while reducing your carbon footprint. We deliver all the grease waste picked up at your facility to farms that are outfitted with Biogas Generators.

How does a grease trap work?

Grease traps work by capturing absolutely everything that goes through the drain (this includes water, grease and other solid and liquid matter). Traps have two separation basins, the first basin fills with all the matter that is drained from the sink, the matter then cools. When grease is cooled, it congeals, becoming a solid. Both the solid matter and the congealed grease float to the top, leaving the liquid at the bottom of the first basin. Towards the bottom of the first basin is a space that allows all liquid matter to flow into the second basin. The second basin is used to trap any additional grease that may have gotten through the first basin, so the same process is repeated. The grease trap needs to be cleaned in order to work properly, and it is possible for the grease trap to become too full to function. how-grease-work

What We Do:

* Professionally service grease traps and interceptors
* Pump grease and food waste away to eliminate odour
* Help you avoid overflowing and blockages

Our Technicians:

* Trained to vacuum the trap, scrape hardened grease away and rinse walls of the trap to leave it neat and odourless
* Clear any blockages from the inlet and outlet
* Re-seal the lids properly to insure proper operation and spray a deodorizer to minimize odour

Clean Results

Individual Evaluations:

* We evaluate each situation to determine the frequency of service required to insure continuous proper operation
* We help you prevent grease from entering the municipal waste stream
* We strongly advise a dedicated maintenance schedule to avoid any problems and possible fines with your municipality
cleaning result-1 cleaning result-2


Drain "snaking" is performed by inserting a steel cable (or rod) that has an auger type cutting tool attached at the front, into the clogged pipe and "working" the blockage free, or "punching" through the blockage.


Flushing is performed using pressurized water that is pumped through a hose to a specially designed directional nozzle. Flushing can be performed on drains and sewers from 1 ½ inches to about 6 inches in diameter, and can effectively reach up to 500 feet into a drain or sewer. Flushing is particularly affective in cleaning or removing buildup from drainage piping and is the preferred method for preventative maintenance.


Why trust a general technicians to assess and fix the problem? Our experienced master plumbers know the unique needs of restaurants and commercial & industrial kitchens. This translates into to getting your operation up and running as soon as possible. A problem area will be identified, typically by one of our technicians during routine pumping/servicing of the interceptor. We will provide a work order / written description of the work required to restore the interceptor to proper operation. Our trained team of professionals works efficiently and effectively to restore your trap to proper working order. And if a replacement is needed, we'll provide a detailed work plan so that you know every step we'll take to ensure you have a fully operational grease trap and interceptor.


If you need a grease trap Interceptor installed, repaired, or just cleaned out, we here to look after these jobs with the utmost skill and professionalism. Grease trapping systems are very important for preventing pipe damage within your property and also protecting the environment and waterways from being polluted with contaminants. Our technicians are dedicated to provide any service that you require regarding grease traps, with a focus on great customer service and satisfaction. We'll ensure that our grease traps installation is of the correct size and specifications to meet your requirements. All our technicians have significant experience in installing and maintaining many types of grease traps so you know that you're getting the best service possible.


JP grease trap service Inc. can provide you with the installation of your grease trap while helping you understand the specific capacity needs based on your usage. We also perform regular inspections of your grease trap system where we make repairs to critical elements of your system. We handle all of the work for you including the assessment, installation and permitting. Our service team is standing by to help you deal with any emergencies that may arise. We will provide a no charge evaluation to help you determine the current condition of your grease trap, and will make a recommendation for regular service going forward.

Whether you have a small under the sink grease trap or larger outdoor grease interceptor, we have all the knowledge and experience to handle any problem you may have. We are glad to help with any grease removal and maintenance issue you may have, either big or small.

If all you need is simple repairs, we have you covered. We will evaluate the problem and make the necessary repairs.